Well this is my first blog post ever. This is mostly going to be about the jewelry that I create but I have a husband, 2 kids, 3 cats, and 2 businesses, so occasionally I might need to talk about something else! Every day life sometimes drives me crazy…

But for now it’s about jewelry. Let’s start w/ a brief intro into my start. I never really thought of myself as a creative person, I was always more of a common sense, hard working, get through the day kind of person. But I have had a love for fashion and jewelry since I was a kid. I had thought about going to school for fashion design but again the “not very creative” thing stopped me. I loved to wear jewelry but it always seemed over priced to me, or I would like it better in a different color, length, style etc…so I never really wore a lot of it. I did have a total of 10 earrings in my ears in high school through my mid 20’s. But they were all exactly the same, small round cubic zirconia’s. Nothing to exciting.

After I had kids, I decided to stop working full time. And I loved being home all the time w/ my daughter and for the first few months after my son was born too. But I needed something of my own, and as much as the money would have been nice, I was leaning more towards a hobby rather than a job. My old job was a full time 50-55 hour a week job that at the time wasn’t very flexible. And there weren’t many options for a part time, fun, fulfilling  job that was screaming my name.  So I started watching some Youtube videos and going to the book store and buying jewelry books. And I loved it. So then I found an online/correspondence course from Sheffield University (which I believe changed their name to something else…) and the rest is sort of history or waiting for history to be made, I don’t know what you would call it. Right now I am just trying to find the time to make and sell some jewelry in between taking care of the kids, the house and my other business!

So bear w/ me as I try out this blogging thing.