Snow, snow and more snow

So here in the Northeast, we are about to get clobbered w/ a massive blizzard. Worse than the blizzard of ’78, which may not mean a lot to you  if you either don’t live in the Northeast or you were born after 1980… But it was a huge, debilitating storm at the time. And now, this one is supposed to be worse!!! While I like a little bit of snow, but this is ridiculous!!!! Schools are already cancelled for tomorrow and most likely on Wed too. The area that I live in could get 3 feet of #$%^ing snow, 3 feet. Good god, that is way to much snow. Now I know those that live in Buffalo are probably laughing at us right now, but this is a big one for us. The winds are going to be so bad, they are almost guaranteeing massive power outages. That’s just fabulous!!!!

Well, there’s nothing we can do about it, so I am going to try hard not to grumble about it. Can’t change it, just have to prepare and hope its not as bad as they say. It certainly will give me some time to work on new jewelry, if I can steal some of the candles and flashlights from the kids…

So this is my 5th post I think, I am hoping to post at least every other day for the next couple weeks in hopes of getting better at it. I am trying to get more exposure,

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please check it out! Thanks for listening.


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