looking forward to spring!


I am sooo looking forward to not being bundled up. To not have to wear shoes that won’t get ruined by the snow, or my ankles freezing because my shoes don’t go up to my knees!

I think my next spring wardrobe purchase is going to be these Tretorn sneakers


I do love the plain white ones

white sneakers

but I think the dark ones will give any outfit a pop of color. I am going to try them with jeans, camo pants and khaki’s.

I may just have to start taking pictures of myself, maybe…


I want to buy some new tools for spring.




As spring is coming and we get that whole “new beginnings” feeling. Whether we want to buy new outfits, try a new workout or travel to a new place, spring brings excitement to the everyday grind. I want to try some new tools and techniques for jewelry making. I love stamping and the more I do it, the more I get better at it. But this tool looks like it could take my stamping to another level. I am dying to try it out. I have a few ideas for some new stamped jewelry pieces. I have one about initialed earrings, but I’m not sure if people want to wear letters on their ears?? Everyone loves initialed necklaces and bracelets but is it cool or fashionable to wear your initials on your ears? What about your loved ones initials, or your children’s? But then what do you do if you have 3 kids??? That’s a tough decision, “Sorry little Suzie, mommy only had enough ears for Jenny and Bobby…Maybe I’ll wear your letter tomorrow?”

Back to the tool for a minute. One of my “issues” I face when making the perfect stamp (as I assume other people’s ¬†issues as well) is the stamp jumping around. I wonder if this tool is worth it, or I should just practice more to steady my hand?? I saw it on Amazon (my favorite place to shop…) for about $20. It’s not a lot of money, but could I save the $20, to be used on another tool?? Could I just use Jedi mind control to keep my hand steady? Well I haven’t quite perfectly that yet either. I have a lot to work on, I guess

suede boots

Sigh,¬†we are getting more snow up here in the North East tonight. They are calling it a snow hurricane. WTH is that! It’s just more frustration really, let’s face it. More frustration about snow blowing, shoveling, the roof collapsing, the freezing temps, the inability to drive, wearing 10 layers, more dry skin…I could go on and on. But the most frustrating thing about this winter is not being able to dress as stylishly as I would like!

I just bought these wonderfully awesome suede boots (or booties I guess they are called nowadays)



They are so fabulously cool. I can’t wait to wear them!!!!!!! But I have to wait, even w/ leather protector spray, there is way to much snow to even think about wearing them outside. It’s back to snow boots for the time being.



I usually know somewhat what I want to do with certain jewelry pieces. Once I start creating it, then maybe decide it will look better in a different way. This one I am seriously waffling about whether to put a bead dangle on the bottom of this necklace. Or leave this one alone and make another one with a dangle. Back and forth, back and forth.

If my life depended on it, I’m still not sure I could make a decision…


Making jewelry

So I mentioned that I finally got around to making some new stuff. And taking pictures of it. So here are a few.

This is my favorite I think.


I hand formed the silver swirl pendant and then wire wrapped 6mm Amazonite round beads and attached it to a hand fused fine silver circle.


Not exactly the same, but you could certainly wear these Amazonite earrings w/ the above necklace for a less matchy matchy style.

019 065 076 104

The triangle earrings are man made sea glass in a gorgeous turquoise color. The long dangly ones are real sea glass and they are 10mm give or take. All ear wires are hand made by me using sterling silver.

The bracelet and necklace are hand stamped by me. There’s a new stamping tool that I am lusting after. But that’s a post for another day.

You can find these pieces along w/ all my other new ones on my Facebook page ( because I still have to add them to m website.) http://www.Facebook.com/TrueHappinessDesigns

Have a great day!

Spring please come soon!!!

So it’s snowing again up here in the Northeast…and the kids are out of school again. I am trying really hard to just go w/ the flow because there is nothing that you can do about it. But’s wearing on me, a lot. I haven’t been able to run or even walk outside for weeks!!! The treadmill is not my friend and I don’t want to be it’s friend either. It will come at some point I know, but I just wish it would be warm enough for the snow to start melting. Warm enough that I don’t have to start the car before I get in it. This is crazy.

Anyway, I did get a chance to make a few new pieces of jewelry yesterday. I just haven’t had the chance to take pictures of them yet. Hopefully today if my kids make it outside to play, hopefully.

But on another note I just read this post

and I might be trekking my kids to Old Navy to spend some money!!! I love Old Navy, their stuff is stylish, affordable and usually comfortable! Their workout gear is great. So check it out.

Not enough time in the day

So my kids have been out of school for a full week due to snow, and my son is now sick. Good times!! But the worst part is I have no time to make more jewelry for my spring collection. Well let’s face it, I’m not big enough (or cool enough really) to have a “collection”… So let’s just call it “new stuff” I am very far behind in making new stuff. But I have a few things made, like this necklace



I had it w/ Valentine’s Day in mind. But it can still be worn all year round. I’m not a lovely dovey, mushy, hearts and flowers type of girl. And I definitely make a conscious effort to not make that type of jewelry. So I usually don’t make pieces for specific things like holidays, but this turned out well. If I liked red or wore it ever, I would wear this necklace. I think I will make it with my signature blues, greens and brown’s to see how they turn out.