Not enough time in the day

So my kids have been out of school for a full week due to snow, and my son is now sick. Good times!! But the worst part is I have no time to make more jewelry for my spring collection. Well let’s face it, I’m not big enough (or cool enough really) to have a “collection”… So let’s just call it “new stuff” I am very far behind in making new stuff. But I have a few things made, like this necklace



I had it w/ Valentine’s Day in mind. But it can still be worn all year round. I’m not a lovely dovey, mushy, hearts and flowers type of girl. And I definitely make a conscious effort to not make that type of jewelry. So I usually don’t make pieces for specific things like holidays, but this turned out well. If I liked red or wore it ever, I would wear this necklace. I think I will make it with my signature blues, greens and brown’s to see how they turn out.

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