suede boots

Sigh, we are getting more snow up here in the North East tonight. They are calling it a snow hurricane. WTH is that! It’s just more frustration really, let’s face it. More frustration about snow blowing, shoveling, the roof collapsing, the freezing temps, the inability to drive, wearing 10 layers, more dry skin…I could go on and on. But the most frustrating thing about this winter is not being able to dress as stylishly as I would like!

I just bought these wonderfully awesome suede boots (or booties I guess they are called nowadays)


They are so fabulously cool. I can’t wait to wear them!!!!!!! But I have to wait, even w/ leather protector spray, there is way to much snow to even think about wearing them outside. It’s back to snow boots for the time being.



2 thoughts on “suede boots

  1. Well…I am not in the Northeast (Northern Virginia) but this is the coldest and windiest winter that I can remember – hope you fare okay!

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today – your response came up “no reply”, so I found you via your link!

    PS – LOVE those boots – hope you get to wear them soon!


    • Hi,
      I am sure it must be pretty cold where you are too! We have well over 40 inches and getting another foot tomorrow. Enough is enough.
      Thats strange that it came up as no reply?? It wouldnt let me respond as True Happiness Designs.
      I hope I get to wear these boots soon too! And I will definitely be checking out Indiemade as well as your new site!!
      Have a great day!


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