I want to buy some new tools for spring.




As spring is coming and we get that whole “new beginnings” feeling. Whether we want to buy new outfits, try a new workout or travel to a new place, spring brings excitement to the everyday grind. I want to try some new tools and techniques for jewelry making. I love stamping and the more I do it, the more I get better at it. But this tool looks like it could take my stamping to another level. I am dying to try it out. I have a few ideas for some new stamped jewelry pieces. I have one about initialed earrings, but I’m not sure if people want to wear letters on their ears?? Everyone loves initialed necklaces and bracelets but is it cool or fashionable to wear your initials on your ears? What about your loved ones initials, or your children’s? But then what do you do if you have 3 kids??? That’s a tough decision, “Sorry little Suzie, mommy only had enough ears for Jenny and Bobby…Maybe I’ll wear your letter tomorrow?”

Back to the tool for a minute. One of my “issues” I face when making the perfect stamp (as I assume other people’s  issues as well) is the stamp jumping around. I wonder if this tool is worth it, or I should just practice more to steady my hand?? I saw it on Amazon (my favorite place to shop…) for about $20. It’s not a lot of money, but could I save the $20, to be used on another tool?? Could I just use Jedi mind control to keep my hand steady? Well I haven’t quite perfectly that yet either. I have a lot to work on, I guess

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