It’s getting hot again up here. The Northeast (well at least Massachusetts anyway) has been hot this summer!!! Not sure what the exact number of 90 degree days is since summer started, or the average humidity level, but I am not a fan! My perfect day would be 68-74 degrees and zero humidity. I know I should live in California or something, but I am still here not only in Massachusetts but in the same town I was born in. And every summer seems to get hotter and hotter.

Fall is my favorite time of year, from say the 3rd week in September to Thanksgiving. Sometimes even later into December. When you can wear what you want and be comfortable. I love cool mornings ( my kids don’t, but I do) then a nice sunny crisp day and chilly nights with a blanket. I love it. I never thought I would say I prefer winter over summer, but this year it’s easy to say. I can pile on the clothes in the winter, but I couldn’t go walking around in a bathing suit (or less…) in the summer. So while I am not trying to wish away time, I am longing for days where these cute outfits I found on Pinterest make me excited to get up and get dressed. What I am doing now is dreading putting on another pair of shorts!


This looks cute and comfy. The pin said it was saved from, not sure what that is, but want to give credit where credit is due.


I love this outfit! She looks slimmer than I am, so I probably wouldn’t look half as cool and casual as she does walking down the street with my 1,000 calorie Starbucks drink. But I’d be willing to try…

Spring Fashion For Under $100

Spring Fashion For Under $100

Not sure where the middle pin came from, I might get in trouble for that. But this one is from

I think that bag is to big and too structured for me, I use a bag only because I would look foolish carrying everything in my pockets. But she looks so comfortable and cute! I may be past the age of looking cute, but lately it seems that the most I am doing in one day is running errands or watching kids sports and I think this outfit would be perfect in the fall. I would probably wear one of pieces because they are mine and I like them.

I guess what I am really trying to say in this mini rant is I am just dying to wear pants again!