One step forward, two steps back

So I don’t know if that exactly sums up what’s going with my jewelry right now, but it feels like it.

I’m in the middle of making a custom necklace for a woman who I met at a local farmer’s market. She also happens to be a manager at the PBTeen at my local mall. And I have gone in there a few times to meet with her to discuss her necklace. She is so great, I love working with her, and we are now partnering because PBTeen has a Featured Artist program (if you that’s what you call it) So I am scheduled to be the artist in mid November and again in December. Which is a big deal for me. It has huge potential and could be an excellent networking opportunity forĀ True Happiness Designs. So right now, I am super happy and motivated for the holidays to come.

But then this has happened…


So this is my jewelry studio/room right as I type this. We have a leak in our house. It was there when we moved in, we knew what we were getting into. When we looked at the house for the first time, the ceiling in the family room in the basement had a sagging diaper look to it, right above the couch. Which is right below the first floor tub. Ok we thought, easy fix that my super handy husband can take care of with or without the help of my plumber cousin or our contractor good friend.

My husband cut into the ceiling and thought he figured out where the leak was, patched it all up and we were good to go. He put the ceiling back together and repainted it. That was about 11ish months ago ( We have lived in the house for 14 months) Two nights ago, we are watching America’s Got Talent (my children’s favorite show…) My son looks up for some reason and says “Oh Dad, it’s a diaper again” and points to the ceiling. I thought my husband’s head was going to pop off. It was probably a good thing that it was after 9pm and he knew I would not let him cut open the ceiling at that time of night. But before the alarm even went off yesterday morning, he was up thinking about it. Beyond irritated that it wasn’t completely fixed and we could end up w/ a mold issue in our still pretty new house.

Fast forward to today. The closet in my jewelry studio/room has a hole in the side wall that abuttsĀ our tub.The cover for said hole stays put by a couple of nails, not the best handy work I have ever seen, but what are you going to do. While my husband can’t for the life of him figure out why the hole was put there in the first place, it’s been pretty handy in this situation. He’s been in and out of the room 100 times today and he still can’t pin point where the leak is coming from. But at the moment, any jewelry making I was planning on doing today is on hold. Which is ok, except I had a bunch of ideas that are just swirling around in my head. AND, my head is full of so many other things in my life, there’s a good chance those ideas will disappear soon.

So thanks for listening, I’m signing off to go attempt to draw out my ideas before they disappear into the abyss like so many other thoughts rolling through my mind.

Have a great day.

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