Goals, not resolutions

I never really liked the idea of resolutions. I used to make them all the time and never follow through. I like goals better, I know they are the same thing. But I think the connotation of a resolution just sets you up to fail. Because I think life itself is 100% mental and I mean that in the way of “running is 75% mental and 25% physical” “lifestyle changes are 90% mental and 10% action” etc, etc…

I fully believe that it’s 100% mental in every aspect of it. I have been a runner since I played field hockey in high school, many many years ago. But in 2013 after the Boston Marathon bombings I decided I wanted to run a 1/2 marathon (which was the longest I have ever run and thought it was a better goal then straight to a marathon!) I’m from a town about 25 miles west of Boston, born and raised…

I had been running around 3-4 miles, give or take, when I decided I was going to do this. I found a run in October in the next town over. A few years before I had started increasing my time every run ( usually 3 a week, sometimes 4) and had been doing around 9 miles when I realized I had gained about 20lbs. It was just too much too fast, I was exhausted after every run and I think my metabolism took over my mental ability and I ate everything in site. So I knew I had to do this the right way, I wasn’t sure I wanted to join a run club or anything. But I decided on one regular run, one long run (which I would increase by 10ish% every week and then my 3rd run would be between my normal 3 miles and whatever I felt like. I knew I had plenty of time (6ish months) in case I had setbacks or whatnot. I loved it! I felt great, it was going fantastic, pretty much had no issues in any given week doing the long run. Race time came, it was a gorgeous day!! I was a bit nervous but I think it was because I was by myself and didn’t have anything to keep my mind off of the actual race. I ran it in 2 hours and 12 minutes. My goal was not longer than 2 1/2 hours and try not to walk any of it, so I was super happy! My family was waiting for me when I was done, we had lunch and it was a fun day. Later I met my girlfriends for some drinks, all was well with the world! I took Mon and Tues off, went for  walk on Wed and then a run on Thursday. I think it was raining and I was just going to run as long as I felt like it, expecting maybe 6-9 miles somewhere in there. Yeah, not so much. I got shooting pains in my foot and not sure I even ran 3 miles. I pushed on for about 3-4 months, I think I ran one 7 mile run and the rest were all between 1 1/2 and maybe 4 miles. Usually none of them were all at the same time, mostly walk/runs. I tried to run, and it just wasn’t working. I was mentally spent from running, I guess. I am not sure what else it could be.


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