I’ve come to a conlusion

So in all the educational tools I have either paid for or learned for free, they talk about collections. “You need to come out with new collections every season” “You need to have a cohesive collection” etc… And it just didn’t feel authentic to me.

“I am an item designer” there I said it. I actually don’t know why I was really fighting it. There are successful item designers out there like Chan Luu and Shy Siren. So I am not sure why I felt like less of a jewelry designer because all of my pieces didn’t fit together the way a collection should. Well that’s because I make items and not collections. I am finally ok with that. It is what it is, and I am who I am.

I am part of Flourish and Thrive‘s Laying the Foundation course. It’s super educational and it has helped me a lot. I took it last year and didn’t know what I was doing.  I am pretty sure I deleted all the pictures of the collection I tried to create last year to submit for review. So you won’t be seeing that “collection” anytime soon. When you sign up and pay for a class through them, you get lifetime access to it, so I am going through it again now. And it’s even more eye awaking than last year.

While I have a signature style as you can see by some of the pictures below, what I don’t have is a collection by industry standards.


Yes, I know I need to work on my pictures, it’s the bane of my existence…

They all have the same stones, Amazonite, but I just think it’s missing something as far as a collection goes. And again, I am ok with that. When you go to my website True Happiness Designs because you like what you see, my pieces can all be mixed and matched. And that just feels more true to who I am and what I want my brand to be. And that is to love yourself and be yourself always. Be comfortable in your own skin, because not being that doesn’t make anyone happy. And true happiness is what life is all about.


Making jewelry

So I mentioned that I finally got around to making some new stuff. And taking pictures of it. So here are a few.

This is my favorite I think.


I hand formed the silver swirl pendant and then wire wrapped 6mm Amazonite round beads and attached it to a hand fused fine silver circle.


Not exactly the same, but you could certainly wear these Amazonite earrings w/ the above necklace for a less matchy matchy style.

019 065 076 104

The triangle earrings are man made sea glass in a gorgeous turquoise color. The long dangly ones are real sea glass and they are 10mm give or take. All ear wires are hand made by me using sterling silver.

The bracelet and necklace are hand stamped by me. There’s a new stamping tool that I am lusting after. But that’s a post for another day.

You can find these pieces along w/ all my other new ones on my Facebook page ( because I still have to add them to m website.) http://www.Facebook.com/TrueHappinessDesigns

Have a great day!