Personal Style

I’m trying to grow my business, it’s really really hard. On top of marketing myself the right way, which I don’t have a clue what the right way is, I am trying to really narrow down who my dream client is (in the hopes that finding her will make marketing a bit easier…) And I feel like I am trying to running into a brick wall so thick I’m never getting past it. I don’t even know why I can’t narrow her down. I feel like I am in China and don’t speak Chinese!

I know my jewelry is easy going, casual, classic, minimal, simple, all american, sort of boho and stylish. But finding the right woman who wears that kind of jewelry feels impossible. I don’t even know where to begin.

Here is a few pictures of my jewelry.

And here are a few pictures of the style I think my dream client wears…

First off, I am not really a fan of Kim K’s style, well her style now I think, she’s way too flashy and way too tight. I don’t really know when this picture was taken, but I pinned it many years ago, so I think her style has changed a lot. One would guess this was when she was only sort of famous. I mean no offense to her, that’s just my opinion, it’s not worth much. But the outfit she is wearing about is so great. It’s so casual and flattering.

But back to my dilemma, I have been searching on Pinterest and Instagram, but I still feel like I haven’t pinpointed who will love my jewelry and want to buy it all the time. I do know that my absolute number one style icon is Jennifer Aniston. I could write a whole blog post about how much I love her and secretly wish I was her… But that’s not the Eureka moment I was hoping for. I thought when I put her name in, all these other regular everyday people would pop up and I would scream out AHA! Didn’t work. I do have a private Pinterest board called Dream Client that has probably 100 or so pins on her style, but not really giving me much more info on where she shops. I am sure I can spend hours and hours searching and I will have a better understanding, but I don’t have hours and hours. But until I do, all this marketing that I am trying to figure out is time wasted.

So I guess is back to searching and I just have to tell myself that I will figure it, because I have too or I won’t be able to grow and be successful, and that’s all I have wanted, is to feel accomplished.



I love these boots!

So I am super beyoned excited about these new boots I just ordered!!!

Flat Heel Dark Colour Short Boots



I love them so much, I can wear them with so many things, leggings, jeggings, boot cut jeans, cuffed jeans/pants. Anything! They look so cool and comfortable, the two things that are at the top of my style list…

Here is the link to them if anyone else is interested. Oh and by the way, they are only $27, yes that’s right, $27. I have never heard of this site before (I found them on Polyvore) but I will most definitely be checking it out again. And free shipping, I forgot to mentions that, didn’t I?

I will post pictures of my wearing them, once they arrive. I can’t wait!!!!!

Spring 2015

So I am making a conscious effort to commit more time to this blog. I want to get better at this whole thing. I was just reading some other people’s blogs (way better blogs than mine…) and I came across one that talked about Spring trends for 2015 from Vogue. 2 of the trends make me happy. Tan suede jackets are coming back. This makes me smile with glee. I don’t consider myself trendy at all! And I am only somewhat stylish. I know what I like and what looks somewhat good on me. But a lot of trends/styles I either don’t like at all…ie florals, no matter what year they come back I do not like flowers on clothes. Or if I like it, sometimes I don’t really know how to incorporate it into my everyday life. ¬†My suburban stay at home mom, wearing to many hats, constantly running around life…But I follow trends and styles as I love all things shopping and fashion related.

I digress, I have this tan suede belted trench ( I really wish I knew where it was in my attic, so I could take a picture for you…I’ll be headed upstairs was soon as I am done) I got it years ago and have worn it a few times and it’s sooo comfortable. But it’s not super warm so I need to wait til the spring. But I have put it away for the last couple of years because it was looking dated. WELL, now I am bringing it back!!! I can’t wait for it to warm up about 20-30 degrees…

My second happy dance trend this spring is layered necklaces! This is True Happiness Designs dream come true. I have always worn multiple necklaces. I love love love long necklaces and I sort of thought they looked lonely without a shorter necklace to hang w/.  Almost every single one of True Happiness Designs necklaces can be layered together for any type of look you fancy that day! It also means I will be making MANY necklaces in the coming weeks!!!! Here are a few I think would work together. Stay tuned for many more!041 032 005 018 040 036 032 015 004