Well I am sitting at my desk, some what wasting time. I am supposed to be coming up with a new spring/summer collection. And I have started…img_2570

These are going to be some earrings. I like the first drawing, just need to tweak the spiral a bit. But after that, I got nothing! I am trying to come up w/ fresh new ways to use my signature spiral but at the same time stay true to brand. I am having a very difficult time. I feel like my ideas are stale and if I don’t pay attention, I will create something that isn’t me just for the sake of creating something. I have many, many pieces and inventory for “ideas” that I thought would be great, and they were not great. They weren’t even good. I strayed from what comes naturally and it didn’t work. But instead of these grand ideas flowing away, I am wasting time looking at beautiful beaches and sunsets.


Like these, how nice would it be to be there right now, I don’t even know where that is!

Or this one,


Or this one,


It’s a good thing the sun is out here in Mass (even though it’s in the 30’s) or I might have to leave a note and hop a plane to anywhere warm. These beach pictures are not jump starting my inspiration at all. They are having the opposite effect, they are just making me sad. Maybe I should go shopping, that always works.

Have a great day, I am pretty close to some retail therapy…



So up here in Massachusetts, we are getting  a snow storm right now, and supposedly all day! What to do, what to do… After I get motivated to shovel the backyard, while my husband is snow blowing the driveway. I think today is the perfect day to make some jewelry (if my kids can find something to keep them entertained for awhile…) I have about 4 different things going on right now, and they are all over my jewelry area. Someday I am going to take a picture of my totally unorganized desk and show it to you all. But for now, I will live in my embarrassment all on my own!

I am working on a few valentine’s day necklaces. But trying to make them into necklaces that can also be worn all year long. I don’t believe in jewelry that can only be worn on certain occasions. Wedding jewelry may be a bit different, but for the most part I want to wear jewelry whenever I feel like it…work, shopping, girls night out or date night! I also want people who buy my jewelry to be able to wear it with any outfit they choose. So the goal is make red/pink pieces but not all lovely dovey heart ish pieces…Stay tuned!!